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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sometimes Week

 Sometimes, our feet don't work like they should and we get ourselves some "magitch" (magic) shoes and a new shoe wardrobe of DC and Converse shoes to go with them.

 And sometimes we ride horses to make the blow of "magitch"shoes a little less painful.

 Sometimes we are so stylish that our moms envy our style.

 Sometimes we dress like a rainbow because, well, why not.

 And sometimes we get a new pink fishing pole and we can hardly contain our excitement.

Sometimes we go fishing with our cousins.  And sometimes the LaykenCousin tries to teach you how to fish and you listen politely for five minutes before saying, "Mo fanks." (No thanks.) And we do it our own way.
 Sometimes you just need to fish your own way.

 And sometimes we spend allllllll of church in the foyer.
 And sometimes we just look awesome.

 Sometimes it's 90 degrees in April.  And we have a series of really bad post-pneumonia days.  And new therapies, poor swallow studies, and new hurdles get us down.  And we are tired and frustrated.  And everything at the park makes us cry (except the swings).  And our days are up and down.  And we're trying to stay on the up.

And sometimes the sun comes through the trees just right and reminds us that we are, in fact, on the up.  Everyday isn't going to be perfect.  But that is hardly a big deal.


  1. I think "Mo Fanks" is going to be either my new catch phrase or the name of my next son. Possibly both.

  2. Ha! Love it. We say mo fanks on a daily basis here. I may or may not have said it to perfect strangers.

  3. What a delightful post....you continue to put a smile on my face....and what an amazing daughter you have... that is probably because she has an amazing and fabulous mother.....Liv is so lucky to have you there for her...every minute, every hour, every day...and forever....I love you girlie....

  4. LOVE that little girl! It was so fun to see her and give her loves. She's adorable!