13 Pavements

Friday, April 13, 2012


You know what?  Today kind of sucked with capitol ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 

I guess in all fairness you could say this started last week when I was sick with a miserable, lingering cold that's still hanging around.  Liv then got sick.  On Tuesday night The Husband called me home from a night out to a very suddenly croupy baby. 

Fever, cough, fever, cough, fever, cough.  It didn't let up.  It just slowly kept getting worse.

Then last night after tending to Liv's scorching fever, I had just fallen back to sleep when I suddenly jolted (and I mean jolted) awake with the thought, "Olivia has pneumonia." I didn't question it.  I just went with it.  And the moment her orthotist appointment was over this morning (more on that later), we were in the car and on the way to the doctor.

And guess what?  She has pneumonia.  Aspiration pneumonia, to be precise.  Something we had been warned about with her vocal cord issues, but is a bullet we have managed to dodge up until now. 

So.  Yeah.

Between the orthotist appointment, her new "accessories," having to do away with all her shoes, an overwhelming (but hugely blessed) work day, and it being the one year anniversary of her 13q deletion diagnosis, my heart is a little heavy today .  And I shed more than a few tears.  It's been a not so subtle reminder of the path that we are on.  Not that I have forgotten.  I just like to think sometimes that all the rules aren't going to apply to us.  And it's just not true. 

And sometimes, despite my best efforts, that's a bitter pill to swallow.


  1. That poor little girl. My prayers are with all of you. I sure think the world of you Julie. Hang in there. If you and Brandon need anything, please let me know. Love, Robert