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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Really Short Thoughts

*I'm tired, folks.  Really, really tired. 

*There is a tremendous amount of pressure on me.  More than seems necessary, but it is all actually necessary.  Which may be why I'm so tired.

*I am struggling to be the kind of friend I normally am.  Why?  Because of my job and Olivia's ongoing needs and because I'm a wife and a mom. I seriously cannot commit to anything.  Nothing.  Not by choice, but because my life is really that unpredictable.  I can't tell you what I'll be doing 2 hours from now, let alone two or three days in advance.  It's not as easy to move things around as one might expect.  Really, it's not.    People are beginning to take this personally. And for this, I am constantly sorry.  My life is terribly complicated.  I wish I could be more accommodating, but I can't.  And I'm really, really sorry.  (You all know who you are.)

*I'm applying to Oregon State University.  True story.  I'm not sure how it's going to unfold or happen.  But I'm scared.  And excited.

*It's bizarre how simply shifting your attitude can change your reaction to something in mere seconds.  Mind blowing, I tell you.

*I miss Grandma Kaye.

*I'd really like to visit Texas and see my madre soon.  I miss her, too.

*Sometimes I am a completely ridiculous person.  And I know it.

*The Husband and I have a king size bed (which I am currently in), and even though the bed is huge it seems too small for our combined 12 1/2 feet of height.

*Our local library had a sale this weekend.  Twenty-five cents a book. (Seriously! A kid in a candy shop, I tell you.)

*Liv and I are having some issues adjusting to her feeding issues. 

*On the other hand, she quite loves her "magitch" shoes.  Hurrah!  You will never meet a kid who deals with oxygen, takes medicine, wears prosthetics, and has leg braces so willingly.  Holy huge blessing.

*I have pretty amazing sisters. 

*I have some pretty spectacular sisters-in-law, too.

*All these thoughts aren't really going anywhere or even that interesting.  So I should probably go to bed.

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