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Saturday, November 23, 2013
Dear Cole,
It's been a rough week, kiddo.  We've both been sick and up all hours of the night, even more than normal.  Sometimes, like now, you sit an pull toys off the shelf, examining each one, tasting it, shaking it, hitting it on the floor.  You are careful in your inspection of each item, turning it over and over in your hands taking in all the details and find all the cause and effects before you move on.  I like this about you. 
You are smart and focused for such a little man.  A month ago, you decided to hit a whole bunch of milestone at once.  You started sitting, pushing up on all fours, crawling, and pulling up on things in less than a week.  It was like you just made up your mind you were going to do just exactly that, and so you just did it.  I hope this sticks with you and makes life better for you always.
Liv calls you Twinkleberry. A variation of the nickname Tankleberry (the name Tank kind of evolved) Aunt Kiki gave you.  It sort of suits you.  It seems like a Twinkleberry should be an awfully happy thing, and you are definitely happy.
I think back on your birth often.  That hospital room was filled with angels.  You made a statement with your arrival, something I can't quite put my finger on.  But whatever it is, it fills me with complete joy and I am grateful every single day you are mine and I get to be a part of it.
I never want you to forget how much you were wanted.  I tell you this all the time, hoping that that thought settles into your subconscious and that you always know it.  I hope that you always know and remember that Dad and I are your biggest fans.  We want you to be happy being you, whether that mean you are a basketball player, a cellist, an artist, a cowboy, or some version of all of the above.  We love you for you, and we want you to be brave in whoever that is. 
I hope that I teach you to be kind.  I hope that I teach you forgiveness.  I hope that I teach you strength, especially in times you may be standing alone.  I hope I teach you chivalry.  I hope I teach your charity.  I hope I teach you to laugh with, not at, others and to laugh at yourself.  I hope I teach you love.
You have stolen my heart, little man.  You cannot even imagine. Remember that.  Please, remember.
All my love,

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