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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Confessions: Part 2

*I totally wore jeans three days in a row this week.  I rewarded myself by wearing sweats all day today!

*My husband is confused when I tell him that by the end of the day I am done.  Like, done done.  He isn't totally sure what this means.  And I no longer have the strength to explain it to him.  Again.  But I love him anyway.

*I've been a little....closed and unpleasant? Yes, that. There has been a whole lot building up underneath for a long time.  People and situations who have been making me cringe over and over for a few years now have finally pushed me over the edge.  The result?  I'm cutting the fat.  Cutting it right out of my life.  Cause I just don't have the time or space in my brain to deal with them anymore.  And I don't like being that way.

*I don't do competitions.  In almost any capacity.  Don't ask me please.  It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

*I'm developing some definition in my thigh muscles and I'm pretty darn excited about it.

*I could really go for a good romantic comedy.  There hasn't been one of those in at least forever.  And I could really use a few hours alone, in a dark theater, with a bag of popcorn, and just zone out.  You know?  Just for a little bit.

*I miss my mom.  And my sisters.  A whole lot.

*Most aspects of our business right now are making me want to vomit.  Repeatedly.

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