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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Olivia is 3

*She loves puppies.  No, not just loves them.  I think she'd prefer to BE one.  It's puppies, puppies all the time.  On leashes, in purses, AS purses, in her bed, on her jammies, on TV, in her books. Just puppies.  We have used the phrase, "It's time for puppies to go to sleep," on more than one night when she has stayed up barking until the wee hours of the morning.  No, seriously.  

*She loves to "paint colors" (nails) and loves to have them painted as often as I paint mine.  The brighter the better.

*In fact, with everything brighter is better.

*She loves, loves, loves to sing.  She knows all the words to all the songs from Annie, many from Pocahontas, Lady and the Tramp, and Lion King, The Beatles, and Doris Day.  All of these are on her own playlist on my iPod titled "Green Music."  Her choice of name, not mine.

*She has taken to saying, "What is this place?" whenever entering a public restroom.  I totally get it.

*She loves books, loves to read, loves to be read to.  I've taken to reading Roald Dahl books in addition to her normal rotation of favorites. to her and we are halfway through Matilda.  A girl after my own heart, I tell you.

*I am her current favorite person to snuggle, Dad is her favorite person to play with.

*She's a finicky eater, which is only a tiny bit her fault.

*If she likes you, she declares you a "bad dog."

*She likes to "go."  She loves to travel and explore and go on little trips with either me or Brandon.  It doesn't really matter where you go, she just wants to be along for the ride. 

*She likes to say prayers....mostly just "thank you puppies" and "amen."

*She is so polite.  Her conversations are peppered with pleases and thank yous.  And she always, always says "Bless you," whenever you sneeze, cough, or even clear your throat.

*When she is getting stressed and frustrated and impatient, all you need to do is look at her just so and she reminds herself and you, "Patience please."

*At 3, she is almost exactly one year post cancer diagnosis.  This feels monumental in my mind and brings a swell of emotions that I can hardly keep hold of.  

*She is brave, funny, kind, loving, affectionate, observant, and smart.  She has turned our whole world upside down.  She is the brightest thing in our lives.  I cannot imagine life without her or how her being in our life has defined both of her parents in unimaginable ways.  It's incredible and hard and breathtaking and wonderful.

We love you, sweet girl, to the stars in a crooked line.


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! She is such a beautiful strong girl! I have a doll from your Mom, Julie, and it sits on a shelf in myroom and My daughter calls her Olivia. What a strong and amazing child you two have!

  2. Beautiful summary for a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday little puppy :)