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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Did you feel that?  

It happened.  That shift where the weather turns just so and the heat the was so suffocating a week ago has a slightly cooler edge.  The shift where summer doesn't really feel like summer anymore.  The shift that brings change, a change I welcome every year with open arms.  

These last few weeks of summer have been a bit brutal for me, for a lot of reasons.  None of which are in my control.  One particularly hard day a few weeks ago I broke down in tears of frustration, not something I really do.  I was in my car, Olivia in the backseat, and I was doing my best to hide it.  She doesn't really see me cry and I didn't want to upset her, especially since I knew the moment would soon pass and I'd be just fine.  Despite my efforts, she caught on asking over and over, "What's wrong, Mommy?  What's wrong?"  I tried to reassure her that mommy was just tired but I was okay.  She sat quietly a moment and then said, "It's okay.  I'll carry you."

Break my heart wide open with love.  My sweet girl.  That was all it took for my attitude to shift fast.  My baby girl hardly needs to be burdened with my silly problems (and silly they are at times).

Oh, how this little one already carries me and she doesn't even know it.  There are so many milestones we are going to hit as a family this fall.  A slower pace will be divine and I am really, really looking forward to passing those milestones and being able to savor them.  They are important and very significant and we will welcome them.

So come on, fall.  We are ready for you.

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