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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week I realized:

- that admitting you hit a deer with your car makes you sound like a moron.
- I spent more time in my car working than out of my car.
- that lately I have the patience of a toddler.  Which is no good when you are the mother of toddler.
- this is the longest Seattle break Olivia has had in a long time....
- ...but then she will have back to back to back to back visits in June.  (Yes.  Four backs.  Does that even make sense?  No?  It does to me.)
- Olivia has been exeedingly sensative lately, more frightened of things, more clingy, just generally more afraid.
- She's been sick a lot, too.  Extrememly high fevers, weird rashes, weird bruising.  My mind instantly goes to the darkest places.  Always, always, cancer.  It's peace of mind knowing her appointments and surgeries are coming up.
- there is a special kind of guilt that comes with being a working mom.  It's complicated and consuming and I really, really hate it. 
- The Avengers movie is awesome.
-  that I may or may not need a Nutella intervention.  It's serious, guys.
- I really, really love my friends.
- I want bangs.  And then I don't want bangs. 
- that those obnoxious car stroller things they have at the mall are completely worth the 5 bucks for a happy kiddo while you run errands.
- I really love my spouse.  I am not perfect, and neither is he.  But we kind of make an awesome team.

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  1. Love to you all! Especially the really cute one :)