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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last week?  It was madness. 

Liv didn't have her EUA or her eye fitting.
The weather was shaping up to be terrible.  I was freaking out.  No matter the solution, I just couldn't feel good about going to Seattle. 
About 33 phone calls to Children's later, the surgeon's assistant had everything rescheduled for a few weeks later.  And I felt better.
Turns out, the weather wasn't just terrible.  It was horrid.
So I guess it's okay, I guess.

And then we had Thanksgiving in which I stuffed myself to uncomfortable levels.  And failed to take a single picture.  How did that happen?

And then on Friday we moved.  The lease was up on our last place.  And you know?  We just did not love it there.  So we moved.  It's older.  It's quirkier.  It has more space and I finally don't fell like we are exploding at the seams.  So, we loaded our stuff (thank you Katie,Tasha, Marshall, Nichelle, Dustin, Andrea and Jon!) and moved across the river.  And I'm pretty happy about it.

I''ve had a lot of time to think this week.  Lots.  We've had to make a lot of decisions.  And they make me tired.  It's time to start putting these thoughts to words and these decisions into action. 

Stay tuned.

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