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Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Olivia DeCoria Donation Fund"

I just wanted to update everyone on the financial support side of things.  There are a few paperwork hold ups with the fund but we have been working very hard to push it all through and get it set-up just as quickly as possible.

Unless I get on here and post otherwise, the fund will be open Wednesday morning by 9am.  It will be at Wells Fargo and under the title "The Olivia DeCoria Donation Fund".  I have been told that that is all the information you should need to tell the banker in order to donate.  After we get assigned an account number and make sure it is working I will add a Pay Pal link here on the blog...assuming I can figure out how.  (Olivia's technical skills can easily rival mine...hand us each an iPod and place bets...I'd personally put my money on Livi.)

Also, Cristi had suggested we start a blog auction to help raise money for Jules, Brandon, and Livi as well.  JaLee Rappleye, Julie's cousin, has volunteered to head that up and would like for me to direct anyone interested in helping to her!  You can find her on Facebook or post her a message on here.

Again, thank you all for your love, support, prayers, well wishes, and any donations possible.  The family is really feeling your love and support.


  1. Hey Nichelle, I can make things I'd be willing to donate to an auction; bows, tutus, quilts, appliqué onsies, whatever. You just tell me what you guys need. Tasha is my sister in law and she can tell you how to get ahold of me.

  2. Clearly you are very talented; that list is incredible! Thank you so very much. I or JaLee will be getting in contact with you!!

  3. Thanks for getting this set up Nichelle, I'm passing the word along and would be happy to donate!