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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fund For Livi

Let me first let everyone know that there are now a few different people authorized to make posts on this blog.  This way, if Julie is too busy or doesn't have access to a computer, one of us will be able to post and keep everyone updated on how things are going (this is currently Nichelle).  The following are, as far as I know, the people Julie has asked to help her with this:

Melanie Owen (very top): Julie's mom
Haley (far right) & Katie (far left) Pace: Julie's sisters

Tasha DeCoria (middle): Julie's sister-in-law
Brooke DeCoria (right): Julie's sister-in-law

Nichelle Wallskog: Julie's sister-friend (the exact definition is "A friend who is so close, she is considered a sister"...yes, we made that all up...but spread it around, we really think it could catch on!)

Next, let me tell you a bit about an idea that has been thought of.  There are many aspects of having a child with multiple medical issues.  A very important, and very stressful, aspect that has yet to be addressed is the financial aspect.  Not only are there the many medical bills adding up, but there are traveling expenses, hotel expenses, meals while traveling, time lost at work while attending appointments and surgeries, and so many more random expenses associated with everything.  In order to help ease a little bit of the financial stress that Julie and Brandon are feeling with all of this, I have set up a fund that will be open Monday morning if anyone has the means and/or desire to help.

The fund will be at Wells Fargo and is under Julie & Brandon DeCoria.  The Wells Fargo representative that I am working with will be contacting me Monday morning to verify that it is open and able to receive deposits.  She will also give me the account number and the exact instructions for how to deposit money into it.  At that time I will get on here and make another post announcing those details.  I am also attempting to set-up Pay Pal on here to make accessing the account a little easier...but I am one of those people who can barely turn my computer on, much less navigate my way around it so we'll just have to wait and see how that one goes.

On behalf of Julie, Brandon, and sweet little Livers, I want to thank each and every person who comes to and reads this blog in support of them.  Thank you for your prayers, your well wishes, your good thoughts, and your sweet messages.


  1. We will keep watch for the details. Having had two child that spend extensive time in the hospital far from hom, we know of the stress and expense. This is a thoughtful plan. Julie is blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

  2. Can we do an online auction or something? I've seen those done before- where people donate things and then they're "auctioned off" on a blog. Please let me know how I can help!!

    Cristi Bastian

  3. That's a great idea, Cristi! As soon as we start to get more of an idea as to what the next few months will look like, I'll start looking for more things like that to do! Feel free to find me on Facebook and keep sending ideas! Thanks! :)

  4. I think an online auction is a great idea as well, I can help with that too Nichelle.

  5. Julie's cousin, JaLee Rappleye, has volunteered to head an online auction on a blog that she is creating for that reason. Find her on Facebook or post on here and she will let us all know how we can help! Thanks ladies!