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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh my gosh, has it been weeks and weeks of illness around here. 

Today is the first day in, sheesh, I don't know...a long time that I maybe feel the tiniest bit caught up on life? That might be an overstatement. But seriously. Liv came down with a bug sometime in late November. And it stayed and stayed, and came and went and came again. Then I got sick. Then The Husband did. Then Liv was still sick and it turned out to be para influenza type C (or B?) which lasts weeks and weeks. But because of her already compromised immune system it just decided to hang on forever.  And then for one glorious week we were all healthy!

And then B got the flu.  Then Liv got it.  Then I did.  Oh boy. I can't remember the last time I was literally to sick to get out of bed.  Maybe never?  But this flu?  It did it. 

And then!  It was off to Seattle.  Again.  (I know.) It was time for another Botox surgery. 

 It was mostly the same old song and dance.  Except the check-in staff and nurses no longer give us instructions since they see us all the time.  They merely passed us our pager with a "you know the drill" and sent us on our way. 
 Pre-op.  Recovery.  Popsicle.  Home.  That's the drill.  BUT!  Dr. I mentioned that he may have noticed signs of  Olivia's vocal cords gaining some voluntary function!  Which could mean less or no Botox surgeries in the future.  Awesome?  Yes!  But.  There is always a but.  Because of her chromosome disorder there really is no telling.  It could be fluke, he just doesn't know.  He calls her OliviaEnigma.  Cause really, it's true.

We drove home.  Liv was off.  Even considering her surgery, she was off.  We got home, discovered her temperature was over 103, she was vomiting, and with one phone call to her surgeon and ten minutes later we were in the OR.  Too many scary post-surgical symptoms for his liking. 

 So.  Hours and hours later, after falling asleep with her face in the barf bag....
and multiple tests and x-rays it was concluded that Olivia had......

A virus.  Seriously.  Talk about bad timing for illness to hit. 

But, I think we are all finally on the mend?  I think?  And can we now please return to our regularly scheduled lives for crying out loud?  Or at least until this baby comes?

Oh, yeah.  And there's that. I'm 34 weeks, and this point in pregnancy stews all kinds of emotions and worries.  But those are for another night.  Very soon.

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