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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I know, I know, I know.

I disappeared there for awhile.  I needed to though. 

I could give all the usual reasons.  You know, life is crazy ridiculous, I've been so busy, I'm pregnant (Yes!  I am!  And a whoooole lot more on that later)....and all of these reasons are true.  Life really has been busy, painfully so at times, like I can't even get into cause maybe my spouse and two other people would understand if I tried to explain, but really?  Really, some things happened.  Complicated things, personal things and I didn't feel my words, written or otherwise, were safe. 

Shoot, doesn't that sound like the biggest cop out ever?  Sorry.

I was talking too much, saying too much to everyone about everything.  I was being to open.  I won't say I was being too honest, especially since I strongly believe that being honest and "keeping it real" are huge and important and I will always be those things.  I just learned the hard way I don't have to say EVERY little thing and share every little thing.  It came back and bit me.

But!  I'm back.  With lots to say. 

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