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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Okay, okay.

Sooo.. I suck at the blogging these days.  In my defense I have three valid excuses. 

1.  I've been out of town.  A lot. 
2.  I work.  A lot.  This can be combine with #1, making it doubly valid.
3.  Olivia.
4.  The Husband.

Really, it's more of a time issue than anything.  Or rather an intense LACK of time.  But you see, I plan on fixing this.  I really do.  Not the lack of time, I have zero control over that one.  But the blogging.  I have things to say, letters to write, things to remember, thoughts to share, mental lightbulbs to revisit, and struggles to document.

So stay tuned.  They're coming soon. 

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