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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Enjoying a little Sesame Street

Today has been hard.

Liv has been sad.  I've been sad.  Brandon has been sad.  Just sad, you know?

There has been lots of tears, lots of vomiting, lots of snuggles, more vomiting, more tears....you get the idea.  Just a really hard day.  And there's really not much in the way of an update, because basically this is all that has happened.


As of tonight, she is finally off the morphine and some concoction of anti-nausea meds seems to have perked her up a bit.  They special ordered her some waffles (her favorite), she ate them hungrily and they seem to be agreeing with her.  Her O2 sats are really good (glory hallelujer!).  One of the male nurses is currently watching Sesame Street over Olivia's shoulder and discussing Mr. Noodle; she seems amused and they seem to have bonded.  All of these are good signs she is feeling better.

So we are ending day on a high note.  We are hopefully being released tomorrow after they take off her bandage (there are no words for how I feel about this).  We are all anxious to get home and sleep in our own beds (for a few days, anyway).



  1. Love you Julie. My mind and heart have been with you daily. I know our heartaches are different, but for what it's worth, just know that I hope my prayers and thoughts will lift you like other's prayers and thoughts lifted me. I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling right now having to watch your baby suffer. I'm sorry. BUT, you can do this because there is Divine help.

  2. We, and the whole family is loving you and praying. Olivia is the miracle that has brought all of us to our knees, in thanksgiving for her and for you and Brandon. Know that we love you.